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    Fallon -70,094 words
    Forest Born -67408 words
    Ice Whisperings -2997 words
    Garrett -9623words
    Northern Blood -11658 words
    Winter's Reign -787 words


    Blood Harvest - 998 words
    Keeping Secrets - 1500 words
    Misunderstood -700 words
    Sarah's Amulet-A Necromancer Slave Story -6004 words
    The Cult -1998 words
    Unfortunate Blessings -454 words

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    Artistic Escape - flash (to be pub 2011)
    Happy Birthday Honey - flash (to be pub 2011)
    Making Choices - flash (to be pub 2011)
    Together Forever - flash (to be pub 2011)


    Allie's Clown - 1500 words (Published on Dark Valentine website March 2011)
    Valeria's Knight - 4807 words (Published in Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine)
    The Angel Wars/Post-Apocalyptic Emails at the end of time-A collaboration with author Tammy Crosby (Published by PillHill Press in August 2011)
    Valeria's Knight - 4807 words (Published in Night to Dawn Magazine-September 2011)

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Writeoncon Comments

My first experience with Writeoncon.com was enlightening to say the least. I didn’t have as much time to spend on the site as I would have liked but I had a chance to read some of the posts and some of the wip’s by various authors.

I read several wip’s, and found two that read were enjoyable, well written and although the ideas were’nt new or unusual, the authors created likeable characters and an interesting plot. They were both visually stimulating, the dialogue was believable, and the story moved foward, capturing the reader’s interest. I was impressed with both these pieces.

Today, I read some of the pieces that got the most ‘traffic’ and comments, and I must say that I wasn’t impressed with their style, poor grammar in some cases, and the stories didn’t grab me and pull me in. The comments on these were all positive, brushing off the grammar mistakes as part of the protagonist’s thinking or her dialogue, which after reading the story, made absolutely no sense.

I know every comment made is subjective and everything is a personal preferrence, but I see so much talent in our OWG writing group that far surpasses some of the work I read on Writeoncon, that I think our hard work, exchange of ideas, critiques, etc., all help to make our wip’s much tighter pieces of writing.

I think I was expecting some outstanding pieces on this site, but I am more impressed with the writing I read in the OWG group.

Of course, I didn’t have time to read them all, but I think I managed to read a good cross-section of works.

To my fellow OWG writers, hard work, support, critiquing, and exchange of thoughts helps us all become better writers. That, and the old adage write, write, write.

I’m glad to be part of a group that has some amazing talent, is very supportive, honest, interactive and works hard together to help each other become better at our craft. 🙂