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Job Problems/Boss Problems

When someone has a problem with you…remember it’s their problem!
One of my friends posted this on Facebook today, and it hit home because of recent events. I tend to over explain things and in an attempt to be unselfish with co-workers, I suggested that if anyone was planning helping me with my work, that they help someone else instead. When I said this, it was meant in the best possible way. My work had been finished, and a co-worker was behind. I always believe everyone deserves a fair shake. This was not meant in a way to ‘tell people what to do’ or dictate, but simply, help someone else out instead of me. I’ve always been like this. It’s part of the ‘there’s no ‘I’ in team motto, and I am part of a team and as such, want to see my co-workers succeed as well.
This backfired on me, and not by anyone I work with directly, but by someone in a position of authority who said that I had no right to ‘look out’ for anyone else. I was told ‘you’re not the boss and I have no business directing others in what work they want to do’. I did not mean it that way, and I tried to explain that, but to no avail. My intentions were meant to be accommodating, not bossy or authoritative.
This escalated into something quite upsetting to me. It’s damn hard being part of a work place when you’re told that. I respect my co-workers and would do anything to help anyone else out, and have been asked on many occasions by others to help them out, and I’ve never refused, and actually feel quite honoured that they ask. I don’t expect anything in return, but do it because I like to feel supportive and unselfish and part of something bigger than just my own work or job. It’s a great feeling.
A couple of months ago, I was asked by a co-worker to help them with their work. I was glad to help out. It took a substantial amount of my time. Then she took advantage and dumped more work on me until I found I was only doing her work and not my own. I finally had to put my foot down and say, ‘I didn’t sign up for all of this and I have my own work to do, which is now falling behind’. She insisted that I continue, and I finally had to say I can’t do it. When she offered to help me out with a very small task, what I received was nothing less than a very weak effort and the work was not done suitably. This made me feel like her work was more valuable than mine and mine wasn’t worth making a decent effort. I asked if there was more work they had done that I missed or didn’t receive and was told “no”. I thanked the person anyway and continued on with my own work.
I was disappointed to say the least and yet kept this in mind for future reference. I was reprimanded again and told that I should basically be able to accept the work done ‘as is’. My boss had no idea of the extra work I had done for this co-worker to make their work better and had no idea about the lack of effort that co-worker put into helping me out. He suggested that I should be very thankful for that person’s effort. I suggested that the person should put an effort into it and then ended up explaining why I was disappointed with the lack of effort on my co-worker’s part. Had I received back 1/100th of what I put into that person’s work, I would have been happy. This is difficult for me to do, and I always think I should try to deal with someone first and resolve the issue rather than running to the ‘boss’.
It’s always been my way of doing things. Had the ‘boss’ known exactly what was going on, perhaps he wouldn’t have been so quick to attack me for something he didn’t understand completely. And, I’m not the kind of person who tells the boss about how much time or effort I’ve put into someone’s work to make it good. I was upset about this and still I moved forward so as not to upset the apple cart.
What bothers me about all of this is that I will go above and beyond to help anyone when asked. But, being honest or helpful shouldn’t warrant a reprimand. This has been going on for the past month and honestly I feel like it’s more of a personal issue than anything. My boss is a very hands-on type, but only when he feels that every decision, every piece of work, every incident has not been run by him.
We’re adults…how do we learn to work together if we don’t try and solve our own problems amongst ourselves? What do we learn when we let someone else make all the decisions and tell us what to do with everything we work on? We don’t gain knowledge, and we don’t gain independence and a sense of working together because someone else is making all the resolutions for us. Can we not be trusted to make our own choices or identify a problem and help a co-worker? Does everything need to be ‘run by the boss’ to make things run smoothly?
Next thing you know, we’ll be told when and how to go to the bathroom, and I’m sure I don’t need someone telling me how to do that.
What would you do or say about this? How would this make you feel? Am I out of line for helping out or is the boss looking for ways to find flaws with my work? Would appreciate some feedback.