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    Valeria's Knight - 4807 words (Published in Night to Dawn Magazine-September 2011)

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Making Progress

No matter how small or insignificant it might be, I’m making progress on my intended target of editing and finishing my first manuscript, Forest Born.

I probably spent the past half year putting it on the back-burner most of the time and writing short stories, or working on other things, and from time to time I went back to it, but not with the enthusiasm I had for it when I first started.

I don’t know what happened to that ‘gung-ho’ attitude I had for this story when I first thought of it, but it slowly slipped from my hands and mind as I realized the magnitude of the writing project I had undertaken. And with so little experience when I first started writing, I really wasn’t sure if I could get it done.

Currently I’m at 71k and still trudging through it. Yes, I’ve got a few plot holes and some editing to do and I’ve rewritten the first couple of chapters at least ten times, but right now I’m at chapter 5 and reading it with a fine tooth comb, filling in the blanks, missing plot parts, character descriptions, details, and ideas that now seem to be flowing more easily. I’ve pre-written, the draft is done, I’m currently in the process of revising, and when that’s done, I’ll do edits, and find beta readers to help find what I’ve missed.

Sometimes we have to ‘step-back’ from our work and take a different look at it in order to see it with fresh eyes, and that’s when we can make some progress again. It’s taken a while for me to get back into the swing of things with this story but it’s one I want to write and tell and I like it. I’m still targeting for the end of April, but at least I’m doing a little each day and that makes me feel a whole lot better about where I’m headed with my writing.

It’s not easy writing a whole book for the first time, especially for a rookie. There is so much to learn and read about how to do it well, and a ton of books on how to write in general. I’ve read a lot over the course of the past two years and taken a few workshops to help me hone my craft, but nothing is as important as writing everyday. We learn and get better by doing it. Just like a guitar player learns his music by practice and becomes good, writers learn their craft by writing regularly.

I’m feeling a bit more optimistic about my story now and making progress is making me feel a whole lot better about achieving this goal I’ve had for some time now.

All I can say is KEEP WRITING, SET GOALS, AND KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BRASS RING, and you’ll get it done. That’s what I’m doing and hopefully I don’t lose sight of my goals this time around. 🙂

12 Responses

  1. Great post! I’m at 60K of my first novel. Plot outline done, just a matter of getting it down on paper. First half was revised multiple times. Second half will be a mess (until revision)!


  2. Yay! So glad you’re sticking with it even when it gets rough. I’m looking forward to reading the book once it’s published! 🙂

  3. Yay for progress! I do agree, sometimes it just takes a little writing every day to get things done. 🙂

  4. Great job! Writing a little bit every day is a great habit to develop in the long run. It’s equally as important to know when you need to step away and come back refreshed. 🙂

  5. It’s too easy to give up so good for you that you’re setting your mind to finishing it. The reward is seeing your characters through to the end and having their story complete. I’m routing for you!

  6. Great job and good luck. And you’re definitely right about sometimes needing to “step-back from our work and take a different look at it in order to see it with fresh eyes, and that’s when we can make some progress again.”

    You mentioned books on writing. I would say that Stephen King’s “On Writing” holds some of the most direct and useful advice for many writers today, presented in a very easy-to-follow and rational manner. Anne Lamott’s “Bird by Bird” is nice, although more broad in scope. Ditto for Annie Dillard’s “The Writing Life.”

    Enjoy your writing and also try to look at any later revising process as a chance to bring out the very best in scenes and make them shine even brighter. Best of luck!

  7. So happy you’re putting yourself first FINALLY! 🙂 Your own dedication inspires me everyday. GO WRITE WIN!!!! 🙂

  8. Such a positive post, Pat, it’s great to see. It’s great you’re persevering through the tedium of editing. If there’s anything that kills the passion for a story….until you hit on that new plot point you wish you’d come up with the first time round 😉 I can’t wait to read it!

  9. It’s so awesome that you’re making progress, Pat. Completing a first draft is a massive accomplishment, but to go through the task of editing is a whole other animal. I’m so freaking proud of you. Even though you put this on the back burner, you’ve never stopped learning and working on your craft. You know so much more this time around and have the tools to make it into something great.

  10. Yay, go Pat, you’re getting there and thats half the battle. Nothing ever goes smoothly and look at the sheer amount of full time writers that delay due to the circumstances. The fact that you’re still trucking is a great sign of your dedication and talent. Well done.

  11. Great post I have always had a big issues with trying to push on through the hard work portions of writing and this just shows that everyone had those times

  12. Hi Patricia:
    Thanks for leaving two comments on my blog.
    Pop back over and read my response.
    And it’s nice to know we have more than a few things in common. One being that we are two Northern Ontario gals.

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