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Lovely Blogger Award…hehe!

One of my very favorite people and writing partner Tammy Crosby awarded this to me and I guess that means I have to share some facts about myself that no one has heard before…I’ll try to make it painless to read. 🙂

Lovely Blog Award


There are two very simple rules that accompany this award:

1. Share “7″ facts about yourself
2. Pass this award on to “15″ other deserving blog owners. (Ummm…15, yeah right! That’s not happening! Maybe 2 LOL.)

Okay, here we go…

Fact 1- I’m a movie fanatic. I’ll watch anything. I just love movies. I probably have over 5000 in my collection and add more all the time. My favorites are probably anything supernatural, old classics like Gone With The Wind, and Romantic Comedies, or just plain romance. Yeah, I’m a sucker for a good vamp movie or a good ole fashioned love story.

Fact 2- We have 2 dogs, 1 cat and 1 kitten. I love animals and hate to see animals hurt or abused. I’ll probably become some crazy old cat or dog lady taking care of as many of them as I can when all the kids move out. I’m just a sucker for a helpless animal.

Fact 3- I can sew anything and probably have. I can make a pattern for anything and sew it together. I’ve been sewing since I was 9. My mom was too poor to afford ‘bell bottoms’ for me when they changed the dress code at school to allow pants worn by girls so she gave me an old skirt of hers to cut up and make some bell bottoms. I have a degree in Fashion Design from Ryerson and have made stage wear for some big country stars. My motto in Uni was ‘who needs patterns, I just make it fit’.

Fact 4- I have a huge love of architecture, art, designing and decorating. Its unfortunate my budget doesn’t allow me to do everything or buy everything I really want. I’ve designed my dream house…hectagon shaped, right on the beach, windows from floor to ceiling, fireplace in the centre… If I could afford a house like that, I could afford to have someone clean the windows for me. LOL

Fact 5- I’m a control freak. I have to control the money, the budget, what happens and when it happens, and I keep lists for everything. It’s almost anal… but no one in the house seems to mind because then they don’t have to worry about it. Of course, it’s only the things I CAN control that I make my responsibility. Everything else is fate.

Fact 6- My love of international quisine is frequently tested on my family… I really love making Indian, Italian, Chinese, and anything else I can try. And I really love wild game and fresh fish which we eat quite often. Nothing quite as tasty as venison or fish right from the lake.

Fact 7- I have a fascination for Native culture and traditions. My step-father was Ojibwe (he’s since passed), and my hubby is Ojibwe, and all Native cultures are interesting and hold a special fondness and place in my heart and story telling. Growing up with some of the histories my step-father passed on have stayed with me and I still love learning about them.

Well, hopefully that was painless for you because it was hard for me to think of seven facts. There are so many things I could have said, but I tried to find some things that were important to me.

Now to nominate 2 others who deserve the lovely blogger award. How about I nominate TJames and Chrissey both from since it looks like they haven’t been nominated yet.

And, like Tammy did (which I really liked), share a fact about yourself if you comment on the blog. Thanks 😉

8 Responses

  1. Hey Pat – great to get to know you better! Sewing is a wonderful thing, another passion we share. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great facts Pat!
    I envy your ability to sew…that was never something I could get a handle on.

  3. I too am jelly of your sewing ability! Share fact: I LOVE the show Project Runway!!!!! I watch it like a fanatic. I just love seeing the creativity happen right in front of our eyes. How they imagine it, then make it…it’s pretty awesome and the garments are amazing. 🙂

  4. Probably not a revelation but I am Crazy Cat Man already. (I have five.) Each has thier own personality, although Louis rules the house with an iron paw and if any of the others are on me when she want’s tickles will get bopped on the head to move so she can have the warm spot thats just been vacated. (the weird bit is that I’m considering getting a grey T-Shirt and having a modified Bat symbol added (the Whiskas cat head shape logo which I think would be a great bit of fun.)

  5. Thanks for the nomination. I would love to think the reason was because you thought I was a wonderful human being, and writing god, but my claim to either is dubious so I’ll settle for ‘not being nominated yet’. 😉

    Hate sewing, but my four old has a teddy as old as he is that we have to patch up every week or sew (I really must wean myself of these awful puns).

    With about movies though. I’m blessed with a wife who loves sci-fi and action, and I can take a chick-flick too….

  6. And we share those 7 facts, Patsy! A lovely award greatly deserved by one lovely blogger:)

  7. […] to tide me over until the Pulitzer arrives *cough*. I was kindly nominated by Chrissey Harrison and Pat Hollett several moons ago, and I applaud them for their evident taste and rarefied discernment, in […]

  8. Oh, I totally love animals too! They are really the best. I currently only have one dog (but she is my baby and very soft and fluffy), and I’m thinking I should get at least one cat in my lifetime, just for the different experience.

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