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Procrastination & Balance

Oh, the title of this one… well yes procrastination… That nasty little habit that helps you avoid doing the inevitable. There you have it. My past month of not blogging, not writing, and not doing the things I really love doing.

Well, that’s not entirely true. Someone once quoted ‘you find time for the things that are important to you’, and although I can’t remember who, I believe its true. I felt guilty doing things for myself since I had priorities for others to be done. Consequently anytime I thought about writing or blogging or anything creative for me I avoided it out of guilt…other things first you know!!!

Its not that I wasn’t inspired to write or create, its just that I had obligations to other people that have used up my time this past month and damn a month can go by very quickly.

A laundry basket full of unorganized, messy and overwhelming business taxes to do for a family member and a 296 page manuscript to beta for a colleague have swallowed up my time. Not to mention the usual stuff that occupies all of us on a daily basis… the emails, the social networking, the house chores, fixing things… oh and as a Mom… no one can do it but you when it comes to dealing or doing something for the kids.

So there you have it, a month not wasted, but not productive for ME and not much fun either. I procrastinated working on my writing because I put these other things ahead of my own work and enjoyment.

Maybe we have to do it sometimes, but like I wrote above… you find time for the things that are important. And in saying that, I failed myself by not balancing my work load to accomodate my ‘stuff’.

So, this coming month, even though I’m still plugging through the beta for a colleague, I’ll find time for my writing and for me.

Do what’s important to you. Do something for yourself everyday whether it be writing, blogging, painting, designing, reading. Just don’t forget to do the things you love because you’re wrapped up in everything else around you. You end up procrastinating with your own endeavours because you put everyone else first.

As Nike says ‘Just Do It’.

Later fellow bloggers…..


12 Responses

  1. Pat, words will run out of your fingers, you’ll get back into the beat of your keyboard in no time, I’m sure.

    And you’ll write a kick-ass Forest Born 🙂

  2. OMG you and I are sooo on the same page! lol! You gotta read my blog…i really should have read yours first as mine may seem redundant now. I’m still peeing laughing! I know exactly what you’re talking about and I’m going to hold you to this you know, especialy since its right here in PRINT. 😉

    • Tam! You and I are always on the same page… even when we’re reading different books. haha!!!
      Yes, hold me to it and I will make you accountable for your writing too. Support is so beneficial when we have so many things tugging at us all the time and preventing us from doing what we should be doing…. creating!!!! 😉

  3. Hey Pat,
    Yep I should find time to write something, I was reading a Coffee Break Fiction (750 wordish) in one of my other halfs magazines and I ended up thinking I can write better than this, so thats my goal this month, to carry on reading but to also write a 750 story and get it sent in.

  4. Being a mom sucks up most of my time leaving little for myself. But I do think it’s important to have even a few minutes to yourself. I try to give myself time and not feel guilty for it!

  5. Excellent advice, Pat. I’ve had a terrible month for writing too. I’ve been working overtime and had extra things to deal with and writing and reading got pushed to the side. I’ve been too tired to be creative lately. I finally pushed out a flash this week and it felt really great. I’m committed to making more time for my ms this month. It’s you and me, baby!

  6. @Gareth…yes! Write that story!

    @Angela…even harder for you with a newborn. I hope you find the time for your rewrites.

    @Danni…yep, you and me… let’s get it done!! 😉

  7. Writing time for YOU is super important.


  8. 296 pages? Or 286 pages? Assuming it’s my manuscript, just a case of whenever. I have no doubt that it’ll be strong work.

    Just remember to make time for yourself too, okay?


  9. It’s often a difficult balancing act when we’re parents. Just remember when you do make time for you, not to feel guilty and to enjoy to the fullest. You deserve it! Like that workshop coming up. ENJOY!! 🙂
    Wish I could be taking it with you!

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