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    Fallon -70,094 words
    Forest Born -67408 words
    Ice Whisperings -2997 words
    Garrett -9623words
    Northern Blood -11658 words
    Winter's Reign -787 words


    Blood Harvest - 998 words
    Keeping Secrets - 1500 words
    Misunderstood -700 words
    Sarah's Amulet-A Necromancer Slave Story -6004 words
    The Cult -1998 words
    Unfortunate Blessings -454 words

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    Artistic Escape - flash (to be pub 2011)
    Happy Birthday Honey - flash (to be pub 2011)
    Making Choices - flash (to be pub 2011)
    Together Forever - flash (to be pub 2011)


    Allie's Clown - 1500 words (Published on Dark Valentine website March 2011)
    Valeria's Knight - 4807 words (Published in Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine)
    The Angel Wars/Post-Apocalyptic Emails at the end of time-A collaboration with author Tammy Crosby (Published by PillHill Press in August 2011)
    Valeria's Knight - 4807 words (Published in Night to Dawn Magazine-September 2011)

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About Me

This is a tough blog to do because I don’t like talking about myself. I like talking about my family or what new renovations we’re doing on the house or what’s going on with my kids or my writing group, but never ever do I like to talk about me.

I think it’s because if I say too much and let people know what I’ve done or things I’ve done, then I open myself up to them too much and they become familiar with me.

I’ve always kept myself guarded. That is to say it’s easier for me to keep my history to myself so people don’t have things to say about me.

In hindsight, I probably don’t make friends easily because people think I’m too serious, or I intimidate them. That makes me grin actually because that’s not really the person I am. I have a few close friends who really know me, but I don’t put myself ‘out there’ easily for people to get to know me.

A little about me…I have a degree in Fashion Design. I worked at Levi’s for a while designing jeans. I had my own company designing stagewear for country stars (a few big names), and I enjoy anything that’s creative and allows me to be artsy. I spent quite a few years working my way up in a large transportation company of 8000, becoming the 3rd highest woman, responsible for a crew of 100 men. Now that’s something I enjoyed–working with men. They’re not like women. They don’t talk behind your back. If they have something to say, they say it straight out and it’s easy to deal with. I love people like that, who say what’s on their mind. I’ve been an office manager with a staff of 100 women, an operations manager, and a project manager. I was very good at it, but I missed having creativity in my life. There was no time for it.

Now, I spend most of my time renovating my house and writing which I enjoy. I love ripping out walls, designing and re-designing things and being creative.

I wanted to be an architect when I was younger, but didn’t have the history credits for it, so I opted for something I was already good at-fashion design (I had been sewing and designing since I was 9).

That’s why I love writing. I can write about all the ideas in my head and make stories out of them, and I love that. My mind is constantly coming up with new stories, and I’m always thinking of something creative to write about, and that’s ME! That’s who I am!

Wow! That was hard to say, although that’s just skimming the surface. It’s hard to really get to know me, but maybe that helps understand me a little. I have 3 teens who drive me crazy and I love to death, and a boyfriend named Jim…but that’s a whole other blog….HAH!

If you write a comment in my blog, mention one or two things you like doing so I get to know you better too!
And thanks for reading. 🙂


13 Responses

  1. Hi Pat,

    Obviously you are a mulit-talented and very energetic person. I’m glad you have time now to express your creativity in ways that please you. With three teenagers, it must be quite a feat to manage your time.

    A couple of things about me – I enjoy writing (except when it doesn’t go well) and I’m a voracious reader. I also play the piano from time to time, for my own amazement 🙂

    • I would love to play the piano and envy people with that kind of talent. I wish that was my forte, but alas it’s not. My kids however are musically inclined, and I think that’s a wonderful passion to have. Thanks for sharing Diane 😉

  2. Fashion design, huh? Do you ever watch Project Runway? I know zero about fashion- I live by that Gilda Radner quote, “I base my fashion sense on what doesn’t itch.” But I always wonder what people who actually know about that kind of thing think of the show.

    Hmm. Stuff about me. I’m a reader who is trying to get back into writing after taking a break for the last few years. I love to knit and hope to graduate to writing my own patterns some day. And I have a hard time in crowds, even when I’m in a room full of people I know. A lot of times I have nothing in particular to say, so I just observe. But sometimes my brain shuts off and I can’t make myself say anything. Very frustrating.

  3. Yes, I’ve watched Project Runway. It’s not bad. There are some very talented people. My boyfriend loves watching Fashion television which I get a kick out of since he has absolutely no fashion sense whatsoever. I think he just likes the models! HAH! Loved your comments Becky, nice insight into your life and your pleasures. Great comments! 🙂

  4. I have a lot of respect for women who fight their way up the chain of command…I think it’s very admirable that you’ve accomplished so much!

    I also know what you’re talking about with working with men…it is far more straight forward and I find that I don’t have to hedge my statements with them at all…they take my words for what they are worth!

    As for me…I, too, am often accused of being intimidating…and, like you, I don’t necessarily do it on purpose (although I do like it) I think it comes with be a little anti-social…I prefer to sit back and watch instead of jumping in and gabbing. I am also, absolutely addicated to paranormal romance…it’s a craving that I can’t deny…

  5. I agree Angela about both the statement about men being more straightforward and people thinking you’re antisocial or intimidating because you don’t jump in and gab. I loved your blog today…it really made me think about my own priorities, and I think people have to accept you for who you are and what you do. True friends and your family will do that and they’ll support you because they love you.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

  6. Okay, welcome to blogging, but from here on out, you don’t talk about yourself. Just provide us observations about the stuff that happens to you and around you. Let us figure out the rest.

  7. Wow, Pat. Sounds like you’ve had some amazing experiences…something I’m sure fuels your writing! Fashion is pretty intense and I’m pretty clueless when it comes to that subject, so I admire those who are pretty up on it. And, sometimes, watching Project Runway!

    Something about me…I originally went to college to teach music as a clarinet major. While my floormates had only four or five classes a semester, my first semester as a freshman, I had 13 classes and only carried 14.5 credits. Needless to say, I burned out pretty quickly. I switched to business for my sophomore year, and graduated with a BSBA and a minor in psych. Now I work in advertisering, for a direct mail magazine and use writing for my creative outlet.

  8. I wish I had musical talent! I’ve tried, but didn’t have the dedication or patience. I think it takes a lot of determination and hard work to learn an instrument really well and you’re blessed to have talent like that.
    It sounds like you’ve done quite a lot of things, always pushing yourself to do well. That’s something to be proud of Kelly. You’ve obviously got quite a variety of skills that help you in your writing endeavours. 🙂

  9. You’ve definitely had an interesting life, that’s for sure.

    Well reading and writing would be the easy answers, so I figure you want something less dull than that.

    I have a degree in chemistry and worked both in a lab setting and as a high school teacher. Though I sometimes miss teaching, writing is still more fun.

    Other things I like doing are horseback riding (though I haven’t been in a LONG time) and flirting (that one shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who knows me)

  10. Wow Sel, I would have never guessed chemistry in a million years…and teaching! Nice background. Interesting. Horseback riding is great fun although I haven’t done it in a long long time either. The flirting comment made me grin. Thanks for sharing something about yourself. It’s always nice to know a little about the people you chat with regularly other than the obvious.

  11. I always remember you as talented and a very kind soul. Don’t sell yourself short, you’ve always been great. Love you blog and look forward to reading your novel. Good luck.


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